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Imagine what we can achieve together 

The purpose of the work is to offer leaders ways in which they can self-reflect and then galvanize their communities towards innovative development and growth. By doing so, we get up on the balcony, giving us the perspective we need to design the future of the school. While the work can be slow and murky, it is also brave and inspiring.


Leaders who lead with honesty and integrity project the stability necessary to take strategic risks and build confident, more inclusive communities.

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When It Comes to Building Trust, Leaders Go First

Great leaders who establish a culture of trust “go first” by bravely modeling authenticity. Trust-building leaders share their vulnerabilities, and by doing so, they create connections within their teams. They build common understanding and strengthen empathetic responses. 


“Throughout the course of his leadership program, Mark provided a comprehensive understanding of leadership theories and models, while simultaneously cultivating an atmosphere of critical thinking and open discussion. He challenged us to think beyond the surface level and consider the deeper implications of our actions as leaders.”

- Howard Minsky, Founder and CEO, Conserve Our Wild 

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We can do hard things! 

The 21st century presents incredible opportunities and turbulent challenges for leaders and their teams who have to navigate the conflicting needs, wants and desires of their diverse constituencies.


To become beacons in the storm, leaders must be entrepreneurial, authentic, and collaborative. Only when we identify and effectively communicate who we are and what we value, will we create healthy, innovative environments. To build the educational institutions of tomorrow, we must first clarify and affirm our own values and points of view today.

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