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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is a Habit of Mind

Exceptional leaders constantly think, plan, and strategize, not just about their schools, but also about themselves. By doing so, they gain the skills and emotional intelligence needed to greet their communities with courage. Even though the work may be challenging, who they are and what they value undoubtedly strengthens their heroic hearts. ​

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Leadership Coaching 

Great leaders get good coaches. 

1:1 coaching with school administrators supports and helps them identify and reach goals, self-reflect, and reconceptualize what it means to be a leader.

Leadership Team Development Workshops 

By establishing safe, collaborative leadership teams, we inspire interesting and innovative ideas and give ourselves permission to hold each other accountable to them.  

Workshops, Seminars, and Facilitated Team Meetings allow us to develop strategies and methods to strengthen our teams and encourage participants to identify and implement their values. 

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Organizational Consulting 

We identify and articulate our goals to gain sharper insight into the culture of the school and how it can improve. 

Organizational Consulting supports professional and lay leadership to leverage its strengths to develop and implement a shared vision for the school.

Professional Searches and Leadership Transition Support 

By learning and knowing the culture and values of the school, we work with you to recruit and hire the right people to join the team. We support and guide you through all phases of the search process. 

Once you have hired your new leader, we offer immediate leadership coaching to begin the integration process and ensure a smooth transition.

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Plans and Packages

One Academic Year  (August -June)

Weekly Zoom coaching sessions (50 minutes per session) for one member of the team

One Academic Year (August -June)

Biweekly Zoom coaching sessions (50 minutes per session) for one member of the team

1-3 Day Leadership Retreats
Strategic Planning Sessions

Monthly Senior Leadership Team Building Seminar

Professional Development Sessions for leadership teams, faculty, Boards of Director, and/or parents. ​

Weekly Work

Biweekly Work

Specialized Opportunities

Contact Mark Shinar to design the best program to meet your school’s needs.

What does your school need?

Leaders who self-reflect lead with honesty and integrity. They project stability. They build confident, more inclusive learning communities and know how to guide them, even in uncertain times.

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